LV Electrical Rescue Shadow Board Kits


Our electrical rescue shadow board kits are produced to the highest quality and designed to suit site specific requirements.  Populated with relevantly rated equipment, you have the option to display safety information in your preferred language.

Corporate identity included.

These wall mounted shadow boards are produced using either a 10mm white foamex board or steel panel aluminium framed board, depending on requirements.

Safety information is digitally printed on each rescue board, ensuring required safety direction is to hand at all times thus eliminating the need for separate safety information signage.

Our typical LV Electrical Rescue Shadow Board Kit includes the following:

  • Wall mounted electrical rescue panel or board with printed safety information – VV-ERB-01
  • Electrical rescue hook – VV-RH-01
  • Insulating matting – VV-BM-01
  • Insulating matting holder (including all fixings) – VV-MH-01


You can build your Electrical Rescue Shadow Board to reflect your process on site.