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LOTO is an isolating safety procedure.

Physically implemented by a designated person, it is a monitored locking out process designed to remove the possibility of a potentially harmful energy source: electrical, pneumatic, liquid, moving part etc., being accidentally introduced while construction, maintenance or assembly are in progress.

This refers to the process of correlating and presenting relevant information relating to the specific piece of equipment locked out.
Invariably introduced at the location of lockout, this information should remain clear and concise, highly visible and usually forms part of your permit process.

Increasing health and safety awareness, coupled with lean visual principles, have created continually evolving requirements for sensible display and storage systems relating to lockout and tagout.

We offer a comprehensive range of bespoke Lockout Tagout boards and equipment geared to your specific requirements, incorporating all elements as are practically required on a daily basis to carry out your work procedure in a safe and controlled manner.

We will take your project to completion. From pipe marking and identification, labelling and magnetic overlays, site safety solutions through Lockout Tagout boards and safety padlocks, electrical rescue shadow boards and equipment, proving unit boards and equipment and any additional products and processes as may be unique to your requirements.

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