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Custom Design

Starting with a basic concept and a brief description of the process you manage (hand written will suffice) a draft layout is produced for your attention including any observations. Subject to your approval a Visual Board of agreed specification is produced and shipped.

Print & Application

Using state-of-the-art equipment we will print and manufacture your bespoke board ready for delivery. Our experienced staff will process your order efficiently to ensure that the finished project matches your exact specification.


We recommend pallet packing for delivery on quantity orders.
We can dispatch through our tried and tested transport providers or just pack for yours!

What Is Visual Management?

Visual Management is a business management technique employed in many places where information is communicated by using visual signals with minimal text. The design is deliberate in allowing quick recognition of the information being communicated, in order to increase efficiency and clarity. These signals can be of many forms, from different colours for different processes, to focusing measures upon the size of the problem and not the size of the activity, to kanban, obeya and heijunka boxes and many other diverse examples.

We receive 70%-95% of information through visual perception. A human eye can see visual patterns 65,000 times faster in a picture than in a tabular form.

We can help you with the various aspects of your visual management from Stock Control, Signals, Matrix and Shadow boards through 5S, 6S, Continuity, Production, Quality and Safety boards etc.

Visual Management can be applied throughout your facility from front of house display through to offices, manufacturing floor, cleanroom, maintenance, warehouse and shipping areas.

Our visual management products are produced to the highest visual and quality standards, incorporating relevant information in a practical manner.

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