Our personal Lockout Tagout kits are designed to allow you choose your own combination of electrical and mechanical products.  With the added convenience of being robust and portable, our Lockout Tagout kits ensure all required LOTO safety products are to hand at all times.

As always, our solutions are bespoke, allowing you incorporate your company identity, as required.

Our personal Lockout Tagout kits can be a combination of any of the following products:

Control safety padlocks – (Blue/Red/Green/Yellow/Black/White)

Personal safety padlocks – (Blue/Red/Green/Yellow/Black/White)

MCB mini locks (Blue)

Emergency stop lockout devices

Circuit breaker lockout devices

MCB lockout devices

Multipurpose industrial plug lockouts

Adjustable cable lockouts 4mm (2 metre and 4 metre cable)

Steel lockout hasps

Metal lockout hasps

Nylon lockout hasps

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