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Visual Management is a visual communication process used primarily in conjunction with lean principles to provide visual signals and directions. Data displayed on boards help teams track key metrics visually and intuitively.

Make each day more efficient with our data visualisation and teamwork solutions – the possibilities to track business performance and goal alignment are practically endless.

Why us?

Specialists in bespoke workplace organisation products to help create a cleaner, safer and more efficient environment to improve workplace performance.

Comprehensive Design Experience

Working with visual management as part of the lean process across a broad industry spectrum on a daily basis, we have background in what you are trying to achieve. From direction to design, manufacture to on-site fitting, we cover the entire process so you don’t have to.

Custom Tailored Solutions

Every application is different – share your objectives and intended outcomes with our team of consultants, and we will help you make visual management a reality. All our visual management solutions are 100% bespoke, designed to meet your exact requirements.

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Gallery of Visual Management Boards

Cues for action | clarify objectives | track progress & performance | restore the effectiveness of your stand-up meetings | celebrate team success

Unique Solutions for your project

Visual Management Boards are available in a myriad of different styles and formats. Our bespoke boards are designed to suit your specific workplace requirement. Examples of some of the boards we can assist with include, but are not limited to:

  • Visual management boards
  • Lean management boards
  • Drywipe whiteboards
  • Drywipe magnetic boards
  • Scrum boards
  • Huddle boards
  • Daily meeting board
  • Communication boards
  • 5s boards
  • 6s boards
  • 7s boards
  • Health & Safety boards
  • Production boards
  • Maintenance boards
  • Shadow boards
  • Cleaning station boards
  • Portable boards
  • Continuous improvement boards
  • Root cause analysis boards
  • Daily activity boards
  • Lockout tagout boards
  • Rescue boards
  • Mimic boards
  • Proving unit boards

Shadow Boards

Shadow boards are designed to reflect the products required on hand to carry out particular processes in specific locations. They need to be simple, obvious and easy to use and should reflect the equipment immediately available and also that previously removed.

Incorporating shadow boards to your working environment improves workflow process, reduces downtime, increases efficiency and creates a more practical, visually receptive and most importantly a Safer working environment.

Our bespoke solutions are designed specifically to suit your requirements, creating a logical solution to equipment management.

Visual Management Board Accessories

Plain and Printed Magnetic Accessories | Document Holders | Markers & Pen Holders

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