Operations LOTO Boards


Hardwearing and reusable, our bespoke LOTO Stations are produced to the highest quality and designed to suit site specific requirements.


30 no. Red Personal LOTO Station – accommodates 30 red personal safety padlocks

30 no. Blue Control LOTO Station – accommodates 30 blue control safety padlocks

30 no. Yellow Positive Energy LOTO Station – accommodates 30 yellow safety padlocks

20 no. Blue MCB Mini LOTO Station – accommodates 20 blue MCB mini locks

3 no. Cliplock Frames: General Information, First Aid Information, Site Notifications

1 no. Perspex Holder: Permit Book

1 no. Lockout Device Store

1 no. AP Safety Padlock

1 no. Miniature Key Safe

1 no. Perspex Holder: Banner Tags

2 no. Cable Lockouts


You can build your LOTO Station to reflect your process on site.