LOTO Commissioning Stations.

One of our recent projects was to produce a bulk order of bespoke LOTO Commissioning Stations for our client on site in Germany.

The requirement was for hardwearing, robust Commissioning Stations to include all necessary LOTO equipment in a portable, ready to use, lockable station.

The stations were constructed and assembled using our high standard portable cabinets with lockable doors and four sturdy wheels.  Each station’s interior was then populated with 200 no. safety padlock LOTO boards, with electrical rescue hook, insulated matting and safety information assembled on the exterior.  Bespoke safety padlocks and all other LOTO equipment also supplied.

Commissioning Stations in a row with doors open                       LOTO Commissioning Stations being assembled in warehouse

Following production, our ready to use Commissioning Stations were packed and shipped to Germany.  Corporate identity included on all products.

LOTO Commissioning Stations being assembled and quality checked in warehouse


Design – Manufacture – Dispatch.  All in house