Lockout Tagout Station.

We’d like to thank an old client for entrusting us with a new project.

The introduction of a new LOTO procedure across all sites required a standardisation of process, visually simplified appearance, practicality of use with an emphasis on sustainability.

The brief was that all visual management boards should be hardwearing and reusable across each new project in order to reduce waste.

This initial order has seen the process introduced across five sites in the UK.

For this project, we produced each Lockout Tagout Station on an extremely hardwearing, durable LOTO board and used the following equipment to furnish, as required by our client:

  • Four adjustable cable lockout devices – two 2m adjustable cable lockout devices and two 4m adjustable cable lockout devices.  A bespoke lockout device holder was manufactured in house to hold each adjustable cable lockout device on the Lockout Tagout Station.
  • Personal LOTO tags and LOTO tag holders.
  • Hold off LOTO tags and LOTO tag holders.
  • Ten Personal safety padlocks (blue).
  • Twenty Control safety padlocks (red).
  • All safety padlocks and key chains are numbered accordingly, with corporate identity applied.  When a safety padlock is removed from the Lockout Tagout Station, the shadow board behind the Personal Lock Station and the Control Lock Station will clearly show which lock has been removed.
  • Four metal lockout hasps.
  • Two 5m magnetic safety cordons.  These magnetic safety cordons are strong, durable and retractable and are wall mounted ensuring they don’t take up any extra floor space.
  • Two Lockout Tagout group lock boxes (red).
  • One Lockout Tagout storage box complete with VV-CBL-14 lockout devices.
  • One Lockout Tagout storage box complete with VV-CBL-01-1 lockout devices.
  • Three Permit books and Permit book holders.
  • Client’s corporate identity was included on all products.

Design – Manufacture – Dispatch.  All in house.